What is NDID

NDID is National Digital ID Company Limited. It was established under the cooperation, support and acceleration among all related parties both public sector and business sector for building trusted digital identity and data sharing platform called “NDID Platform or NDID”. NDID aims to be the country’s infrastructural digitization that can help building new creative services and businesses in the digital economy.

Main Objective

Identify and Verification

To be an important digital infrastructure system designed under the decentralized concept based on the blockchain technology, that will help make electronic transactions more effective, reliable and achieve international standards

Promote Online Self Service

To provide services in real time through online channels; elevate their service to customers through various channels; makes their service more efficient; and reduces management costs

Data Sharing

To support data exchange between relevant organizations, like a main superhighway that systematically connects all parties without the repetition of complex authentication and in which customers, as owners of the information, must provide consent before any further action


Use Case Example

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